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Look! I Made Green

With Apologies to Lord Percy

Sunday, 8th January 2017. 14.30.
Look! I have made green.

I've been given a Nutribullet raw food blender. It’s taken Him and me two weeks of intensive research and extreme shopping to reach the moment today when we finally felt confident enough to invert the plastic thingummy, press down hard on the electrical housing and produce our first home-made, whole food smoothie.

 According to the evangelical Nutribullet booklets, we have only to sip from the cup of our home-made smoothie and we will cross over into a promised 
land where Nutribullet types are forever young, fit and healthy and World Peace has been secured.


We’ve made the smoothie. Now we just have to drink it.


The smoothie pictured in the booklet is an attractive blackberry colour.
Our smoothie is grey-brown.