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Random Thoughts 2

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

Random Thoughts Following  a Heatwave, Part 2

     When the  first rain fell a week ago it wasn't the torrential storms we'd been promised. No thunder. No lightning. No flash floods. No cataclysmic events at all. Just a soft pitter-patter on the window panes. More of a gentle, knock-knock reminder that we live in the South of England and not the South of France.

     Sometimes, I do wonder what the Met Office, with its fancy gadgetry and fancy weather girls and gesticulating and leaping and prancing weather boys, sometimes, I wonder what is it actually for? What is it about? What, I wonder, is the point of the Met Office?

    They were very excited about the Perseid Meteor shower and became very animated on the subject of cloud cover, notifying us nearly two hours in advance that the night already outside the house might be clear enough to watch the Perseid Meteor shower.

      That's because they do have a  handle on weather that has recently happened and weather that is occurring outside my window as it occurs. 

     But I don't need the Met Office for that. I can see the weather out of my window. That's what we have windows for. 

Random Thoughts 1

Posted by Deborah Courtnell
Random Thoughts Following a Heatwave, Part 1

So. I'm back.

     After an eight week absence and with only a shaming two blog hit rate to boast of in the last three months....I'd like to be able to tell you I've cycled to Uzbekistan for charity, solved World Peace, writtenTHAT book or at least been hard work slaving over a steaming compute making squillions and squillions of pounds and then going shopping.
     But I haven't.

     Let me see.
     Since the end of June...
     I invested an inordinate amount of time and energy applying for a job I didn't get. We're talking weeks here not days.
     I invested an even more ridiculous amount of time and energy - ten hour days, yes really - transferring the contents of this blog from my previous host, Serif, to the current host - 'Google Blogger' in order to take advantage of the built-in and automatic archiving system.
'Maniola Jurtina' - Meadow Brown butterfly, male
'I've loafed and idled and taken pictures of butterflies!'

     This is a bit like iron-age man forswearing in a true troglodyte fashion the first iteration of the wheel as needless and not at all useful, arms and legs and physical sweat and labour being far better, blah, blah, blah, only to decide a year later that actually the whole wheel thing for getting about and shifting other stuff is really rather a neat idea: quicker than walking and less arduous than carrying.