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Sticks & Stones

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

  I can confidently say that no-one has ever accused me of being an activist of any persuasion and definitely not a Tory one.
      I think of myself as an observer of the passing scene. If that makes me a passivist well then so be it. I shrug and say, ‘Phah!’
     But to be called a ‘swivel-eyed-loon’ by anyone, whether real or simultaneously imagined  by several hallucinating hacks, would I think be rather fabulous.

     To be called a a ‘swivel-eyed-loon’ with all that phrase’s flourish and invention, would attest to the fact that one has a pulse and is impassioned and red-blooded and believes, unlike the cynics and the armchair angries, that one’s voice can be heard and that, unlike the Westminster apparatchiks so bloodless and estranged from the real world, democracy is alive and kicking. Hard.

Hawthorn blossom at Stockbridge Down

The blossom is like snow against the May blue sky

Spring has finally sprung!

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