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Where Did All The Tennis Balls Go?

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     Ten days of dry weather and the waters on the marsh have finally receded leaving human debris in their wake. It was  like a genteel crime scene down there today – a child's teddy bear, a broken umbrella, a small wheel, a t.shirt, a gym shoe, a wellington boot, a dog lead.

     How do people make it home with half their footwear missing? It's well over half a mile back to the car park from where I saw the wellington boot. You think you'd hear about somebody hopping the distance if you were down there as much as we are with the dogs.

     Mind you it's easy enough to lose something in the thick black gloop that has swamped the marsh for months. I inadvertently stepped into a hole a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was a puddle and then found my right leg sinking downwards into the thick black soup accompanied by such a loud squelching it felt like my leg was being swallowed whole.

     We've lost an average of one tennis ball a day in that mud but so far I've only rediscovered three. That's it. Just the slow caking and drying out for now. Until the rain starts in again next week.



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