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Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

    The first warm-ish evening of the year to date and so off to the pub for a beer or three. Obviously.

     But what should have been a brisk schlep down Stockbridge High Street to landlady Lucy's immaculate garden at the Three Cups, turned into a complete palaver however, as we three grown adults, mainly me and Shedley, proved completely incapable of leaving the house without first losing then finding but misplacing all over again – keys/sunglasses and the hungry wallet – without whom there is no pub.

     We finally set off but had to return as no-one could remember who had locked up and we don't like to leave the house unlocked any more, not since some low life punk had the cheek to stroll right up to the front door, unscrew my bike saddle and casually nick it.
      (For twenty three years I left my old bike all over London, just name a post code and I've locked my bike there, and not once did someone steal my saddle.)

     In all we went back to the house and back inside the house three times.

     On the third attempt to leave the house, two cars passing in opposite directions on the busy and very narrow road outside, evidently clipped each other.

      The driver going down the hill continued on his merry way. The driver going up the hill pulled in off the road, got out of the car and walked back down the road to check nothing else had fallen off – and forgot to put his hand brake on.

     His car began to ease, ever so gently, out of the lay-by....

     Fortunately we were on hand to shout and wave and jump up and down a lot and shout and wave some more.

     Disaster was averted.



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