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Golden Day

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     A lovely day with Wise Father and Beloved Mother and two Anglo-Maltese couples who are among their oldest and closest friends and have known me since my pre-existence as the faintest of twinkles in a faraway look in the Wise Father's left eye.

     There's something rather nice about having been known that long. It gives you a context; puts your life and the worries and problems of today into perspective.

     Somehow, being around people who remember me as a splodge of baby flesh, is rather comforting. It's a source of encouragement and hope.
     Back then, I faced the tricky processes of learning to walk and talk, pee in a pot, read and write. Ok, I’m still struggling with at least one of those skills... but hey, I mastered the rest. More or less.

     Who knows what I might still achieve if I focus and concentrate hard. What’s that thing they always say? ‘It's never too late.’

 I'm contemplating a mid-life career change.

     I might become an artist or a fashion designer. I haven't decided yet.

     After lunch I took photos and captured forever a bride and her two bridesmaids, one on either side of her: all still married, all still friends, 50 + years later.


I Love the M3
I Love the M3
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Eggs, by Floyd
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