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Being of Sound Heart

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     Snail mail which arrives only once a day and frequently not until 4 pm,  is usually comprised of junk mail, bills, more junk mail, yet more junk mail and occasionally lovely postcards and charming thank you notes for long lazy lunchtimes or evenings deliciously spent eating and drinking with friends,  past-times so entirely pleasurable that, really, you should write and thank your friends for coming and making it all worthwhile. Oh yes, and more junk mail.

     Today, most unusually I got a piece of junk mail that I opened and actually appreciated.

     It's a letter from the British Heart Foundation thanking me for 'taking the time and trouble' to donate my items (books, clothes etc.) to them for sale in their shops and informing me that they have raised a further £12.55 in Gift Aid on the back of the sales.

     Thank you British Heart Foundation. Thank you Margaret Robinson Gift Aid Administrator. You made my day. I feel like a good person.


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