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But She Can't Dance Like Pudsey

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

   We had my sister's dog, a German short haired pointer for the day today.

   She – the dog not my sister - has numerous skills and is entirely self-taught. She cannot dance like Pudsey or use ATM machines but her other skills include the vertical climbing of furniture, catching rabbits, escaping Houdini-style from closed dog-cages, opening drop handle doors and speed-eating.

   Speed eating is a little bit like speed-dating except that here the female forces the potential object of her desire into submission not by talking at him loudly, without interruption and at speed, but by consuming him in a single mouthful.
   Happily the dog does not fancy people. She prefers entire chocolate gateaux, whole cheeses and a  Sunday roast for six complete with all the trimmings.
   Well, we forgot about the door opening business and the dog let herself out into the garden.
   Fortunately for them, us and familial relations in general, the chickens made sufficiently shrill and clamorous MAYDAY! noises while the dog was chasing them around the garden that Shedley was alerted to their plight and saved them all.


Coco in Portmeirion
My Sister's Dog

The coconut
She has numerous skills - all self-taught

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