Mud On the Road

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Men At Work

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     Men of the infamous green and red branded Clancy Docwra have arrived on the large roundabout outside our house and erected traffic lights on all exits off the roundabouts.

   Infamous because I more or less lived with them and spent a great deal of time on the phone to them, for an entire year in London, 2005, when they were encamped outside my garden flat for months at a time, digging and drilling and pile driving and banging and routinely accidentally cutting off the electricity and the water then pock-marking the road with little pouches of Tarmac only to return a month later and start a diggin' and a drillin' all over again.

   Nowadays they have important signs which beg the public's leave to bear with them while they repair the water main.

   Actually the traffic lights, while inducing cars to speed up the road at even fast rates, do have the side effects of making the traffic quieter and helping us to cross the road a little bit more safely.



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