Mud On the Road

we're about to go shopping in Salisbury...


Posted by Deborah Courtnell

  Nigella our big breasted, glossy black bantam is being hen-pecked by A.N. Other member of our flock.

   Nigella is a Scots Dumpy and as the biggest and most extrovert of our little gang of four, she's always been the natural leader. But I think Floyd, a white Silkie, has designs on Nigella's empire.

   We call Floyd 'he' though he's really a 'she'. Floyd is the most diminutive of our birds but, what with his top-knot pom-pom, black flesh and jewel-blue wattles he's a bit special and he knows it.

   He has plenty  enough punk rock attitude for a take-over bid and the fact that he's broody to boot right now is making him ultra bolshy.



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