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Walking the Dog

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

A strange dog walk up at Stockbridge Down – thick fog and gunfire. It felt like we were under attack. Bangs to the left of us, bangs to the right. You know they're not shooting at you but at such close range and in the fog it feels like you're under attack.
     I thought about throwing myself to the ground now and then by way of a gesture  and shouting, ‘Incoming!’ But the ground looked awfully cold and damp and gestures without witnesses are surely futile and very likely the first sign of madness.
    Other walkers loomed out of the mist some fifteen, twenty feet away. They passed by without a word; faceless, bulky shapes, intent only on groping their way through the thick air.
     Myrtle watched them curiously as they lumbered by. They did not speak and she did not bark.
     Thank you God.
     This was the dog's first up-close and personal experience of fog, fog-people and sustained loud gunfire.
     She remained alert but calm. I was proud of her.
     So Hampshire has its first Police Commissioner. The independent candidate Simon Hayes won with 80, 669 votes – 55 per cent of the vote. 14.6 per cent of the electorate turned out.



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