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Still Raining

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

   4 pm: I walked Cally down to the Stockbridge common marsh. See the map.

    It was cold and it was raining – a very shabby Sunday afternoon. We waded more than we walked, me in my wellies, Cally-the-dog in her outsized King Kong clodhoppers. She could swat a small bi-plane if you needed her to but she’s not exactly intrepid. I’d say Cally is more placid than your average garden shed. Any adventures she’s had have been accidental.

     She did not seem overly impressed by our little jaunt but, never one to complain, she lumbered dutifully along some five feet behind me.

     What with the endless rain and all round bogginess and the dark about to come down, we had the entire place to ourselves and, even in those soggy boggy conditions, the marsh is magical.

    There were geese on the river and the usual loud and busy coots. It was too dark to see clearly but sudden pools spreading on the water’s surface and sounds of darting and splashing made me think the fish must be jumping and snatching at insects.

    A pair of swans came into land with that distinctive wah-wah sound made by their beating wings. They skidded to a halt and evidently gave the geese a fright.

     We were soaked through by the time we reached home but it was worth it.



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