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Silence is Golden

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     Stayed home and watched the Stockbridge Remembrance Day procession and service at the nearby War Memorial from behind a closed window.
     This way I was on hand to reassure the bug-eyed crew of three boxer dogs when the guns sounded the two minute silence right next to our house and I could ensure in turn that they didn't raise a hullabaloo and disrupt the silence.
     The Army Air Corps, based at nearby Middle Wallop has for some years now been bussing soldiers into the surrounding village churches for Remembrance Sunday services.
It's a clever move.
The presence of soldiers plus piper lends the ceremony a pleasing formality, draws military and civilian communities closer together and serves as a physical reminder of the mounting cost and sacrifice in Afghanistan.
      The service concluded with an Apache helicopter, always a dramatic sight,  doing a low, slow fly past.

The Army Air Corps at the Stockbridge War Memorial
The Army Air Corps now has a presence at the Remembrance Day Services in local villages

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