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Posted by Deborah Courtnell

 I find myself thinking about Thursday - election day for Hampshire's all singing, all dancing, shiny new Police and Crime Commissioner.

     It's an odd job title: it makes it sound as though he or she will be commissioning crime.

     I won't vote for Michael Mates the Conservative candidate.

     Perhaps I'll vote for the independent what's-his-name candidate.

     If I'm not sure what his name is or what he stands for perhaps I shouldn't vote for him?

     Why am I so ignorant and ill-informed about this whole thing? I should have read the paper more attentively.

      Do we even need a Police Crime Commissioner?

     For some reason every time I think about it I'm reminded of the scene in First Blood, (1982) – the original  'Rambo' film – in which the vicious and ultra right-wing chief of police, brilliantly portrayed by the late great Brian Dennehy, orders the raggle taggle veteran out of 'his' town at gunpoint triggering the violent action which follows.


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