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In the Great Outdoors

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     A girly lunch at the Mayfly pub to mark my sister's 40th birthday. A sublime Autumn day: yellow trees, River Test sparkling in the sunshine, swans holding steady against the current, fat trout leaping from the water to snatch bread.

     It's warm enough to sit outside so we do. My Darling Mother, Beloved Sister and the  two year old Little Niece.  Three generations of girls all together.

     Little Niece is presented with an ornate and multi-layered strawberry pudding and a long-handled Knickerbocker Glory style spoon.

     For a solid hour she works her way through this pudding  giggling and chatting all the while. Then she gets up and before we know what's happening, she's toddled over to a neighbouring table and has pulled down her knickers and tights and is peeing like a naughty puppy on the flagstones, still chuckling gleefully to herself.


Gorgeous George

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