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Hurricanes Hardly Ever Happen

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     Went to London for an early Christmas party with former British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) friends at a great pub, The Three Stags in Kennington which preserves 'Chaplin's Corner' and serves great food. See The Three Stags.

     I want to go back for one of their Burlesque nights...not too many of those in Stockbridge.

     Ahead of the evening's festivities and on the back of the lavish praise heaped upon it by BBC's Newsnight Review team last Friday, (16.11.12) I went to see the excellent exhibition 'Death: A Self –Portrait.'
     It was every bit as astonishing and rare and often beautiful a gathering of all things contemplating man's inevitable demise as you could hope for.

     As well as the Memento Mori art works, the gigantic chandelier made of prefabricated bones and the Mexican Day of the Dead skeletons, my favourite works were the eloquently disturbing yet beautiful photographs by Mexican artist Marcos Raya.
See: Death: a self-portrait.

     I had intimations of my own mortality not long afterwards when I was grievously afflicted by the most dreadful indigestion I have ever had. No doubt whatsoever it was bowl of Aubergine and Chickpea soup which I had eaten in the Peyton and Byrne canteen at the gallery.

     Driving home to Stockbridge later that night via the M3, in what had become storm force gales and constant rain, the sirens raging up and down, the traffic cones whirling about and some severe flooding on the inside lane also gave me pause.

     But by far the most enduring effects of two hours with ‘Death’ are that I now keep seeing skulls where I used to see faces.


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