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Brimful of Party Part 1

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

Midnight: Am pleasurably, gratifyingly, full-to-brimming-over-with party and party happiness thanks to sister's 40th birthday celebrations.

1.00 am Have to say good-bye to beautiful revellers and lovely Mr Disco man as Shedley Mode says taxi is waiting at gate beyond perimeter of venue.

1.05 am Do not want to go but Shedley Mode says Must Stop Dancing and Leave Now Taxi Is Waiting.

1.07 am Have considered limited options available to me and decided to Stop Dancing and Leave Now.

1.10 am Cannot find taxi must be at wrong gate.

1.12 am –Ah. Have lost large security gate with armed guard as well as taxi.

1.15 am – Silly me, how careless. Must have walked too fast. Appear to have lost Shedley Mode and gate with armed guard and taxi.

1.20 am Hmm. Appear to have strayed into parallel universe in which am alone and going round and round on  loop in dark night within fenced-in area no more than 200 foot square.

1.26 am It's like Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner meets that scene in Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome where Harris gets lost in the Hampton Court maze. Almost identical in fact except unlike Harris I have no followers.

1.30 am Am saved! Have been found simultaneously by taxi /Shedley Mode/gate.

1.31 am Think about rebuking Shedley Mode for having mislaid me but err on side of caution.



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