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A Web-shaped Hole In My Head

Posted by Deborah Courtnell

     I spent  the day trying to wrap my brain around Tweet, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds and feed burners and succeeded finally in adding a DISQUS comment box to the bottom of the Stockbridge Dog page.

     Go on, leave a comment below, you know you really, really want to...
     Went to bed with severe brain ache caused by very large web-shaped hole in brain where other, possibly vital knowledge and information used to be stored but has now leaked out and dribbled away in sheer effort of uploading internet data leaving large empty space of glaring nothingness.



The gnarled and twisted tree looks like a sleeping beast, one eye closed

Twisted tree on the marsh

Eggs, by Floyd
The Good Workman 
Myrtle in the Man-shed
Dog Fox, Lady Boxer 
Rescuing the swarm
Day of the Bee,  Part 2

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